Trade in the Community

How are Tradebank Members Giving Back?

In business, you rely on customers to keep you afloat. You need someone to buy your services or goods to help support you. The customers provide that. So when it comes to returning the favor, giving back to the community and charity is top of the list. For business owners who are a part of Tradebank, they use the many benefits of barter to support their community. Through our client portal, they are able to make immediate, direct donations to the charity or non-profit organization of their choice.

Our Onboarding team at Tradebank has put forth an effort to bring Non-Profits into the trade community. Unlike normal accounts, the Non-Profits do not pay any fees, and receive the same support from personalized Trade brokers that other accounts do. By bringing them into the barter community at Tradebank, these accounts are able to receive donations of Trade dollars from other members. Above all, these donations have the potential to make a huge impact for their charitable work.

How do you use Trade for Charity?

Trade dollar donations can be used for anything in our barter community. Non-profits like animal shelters can buy dog food, repair the HVAC at the shelter, even have a better website built. This will yield more support from outside the barter community. For a charity who builds houses, they can print flyers, buy landscaping materials, or record commercials to recruit more volunteers. Overall, the options are endless to help support non-profits, and our business owners can make that contribution to pay it forward in their community.

Giving back to the community gives you a satisfaction unlike no other. By completing this service, it allows our business owners to connect to their community even more. Want to find out more about how you can give back using Trade? Then, reach out to our main office today for more information: (678) 533-7100.

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