Stop Losing Money on Excess Inventory — Move It with Trade

inventoryOne of the frustrating things about business is having an inventory you can’t move. There may be various reasons why you could be stuck with unsold inventory.

An author may have purchased a large quantity of books, only to have some left over after speaking engagements or book signing events. Boxes of books takes up storage space, get in the way, and eventually can be damaged due to moisture or other environmental effects.

Perishable products such as food items, vitamins, health products, or nutritional shakes also can go to waste if you can’t sell them fast enough.

hotelAnother item of inventory that is perishable is travel accommodations. Weeks without occupancy in your hotel, bed and breakfast, or travel lodge is money down the drain.

Rather than take a loss on your overstocked or unsold inventory, consider offering it on trade.

Local Tradebank offices usually have showrooms or catalogues. The main website also has a classified section where members can purchase items on trade. If you have excess inventory you need to move, this can be a great way to translate it into needed items you’d otherwise pay cash for.

How It Works

  • List your items in the Tradebank web site classifieds.
  • Talk to your local Tradebank exchange about putting your inventory in their showroom, advertising it in their email newsletter or having them make recommendations when people call in.
  • Interested barter exchange members can purchase your inventory on trade.
  • The trade exchange credits your account for the value of your purchased inventory.
  • You can redeem those trade dollars for things you need like advertising, printing, travel accommodations, repair services, or anything else available through the exchange.

To learn more, contact Tradebank at 888-568-5680.

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